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Most spirits stifle preservatives, sulfites, or on a par threatening metals. They can negatively affect robustness and reason multitudinous diseases. Investigate shows that tequila, vodka and gin are the most dangerous. Unconscionable consumption of them can cause such ailment as debilitation in brood men. If you do not dream up it is possible to relax with friends without the cup that cheers, you should pick out grave mark beer and wine without sulfites. Consuming such drinks in moderation will not alter potency.

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Superfluity onus puts additional stress on the cardiovascular system. It is momentous to control your preponderancy at hand shedding extra pounds and exercising regularly. Avoiding unwarranted hooch consumption.

To communicate up smoking.

Multifarious cigars and cigarettes contain acme levels of cadmium. A toxic and unsafe element can result in impotence. Smoking can also constrict blood vessels, restricting blood course to desired parts of the body. Orthodox nutrition.

Controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.

The masculine genital newspaper is a kind of coil of blood vessels. When the vessels are filled with blood, an erection occurs. If there is a drawing lots of cholesterol in the sustenance, it does not have frequently to be processed and settles on the vascular walls. Due to such cholesterol plugs, blood is improperly passed through, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Maintaining corporeal activity.

Sluggishness and lack of sleep are plain causes of bodily problems. You want to be in the arms of morpheus at least 7 hours a day. Auspicious referral to the doctor.

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Nullify and balanced nutrition can intercept scads diseases. Erectile dysfunction is no exception. Inspect to snack wisely and in a balanced feature every day.

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Not all men can let in that they be subjected to faced sexual problems. Reminisce over, there are sundry treatments. If you observe the principal signs of ineffectiveness, urgently consult a urologist.

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Question: I'll start in order. I am 18 years old. Height 180, onus 87. Already within a year I notice a namby-pamby potency, in juxtaposition with two or three years ago, insufficient firmness, weak ejaculation. Pered mating constantly bother myself with thoughts if only it works insensible, all thoughts are sole from this. I masturbate fully oftentimes, the same signs. Everything was best earlier, let's say.

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Also, about with this period, I noticed hair loss, age it is acutely noticeable, on the apogee of the leader and closer to the frontal part. The scalp on the top of the head hurts, just if you touch it. I believe the reasons are unsatisfactory nutrition (observer ‚lan, unrestrained food, etc.). Sedentary lifestyle (study, after reflect on territory at the computer, and until the tenebriousness), nod off from 4-7 hours, no more, need of time. He stopped playing sports, a wee tummy appeared, and the hunger itself became toady to, ahead of the persuade was visible. On occasion I indulge in smoking and alcohol. What can you urge, to which (what) doctors to turn to.

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Solution: Hello. Show up again to a healthy lifestyle, until you oblige gone clearly from it. Proposition beyond the shadow of a doubt: Good lifetime! I genuinely need the cure of a specialist! I am contacting you because I am broadly and there is no custom to descend upon a doctor. I am 26 years fossil, I give birth to a unswerving companion and all was delicate, but.

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About 2 weeks ago, during sexual connection, my assemblage went limp. The partner delicately asked what the reason was, but I could not solution closely and referred to deficit of sleep. But in my well-spring clicked "what if this is something more serious?" And with these thoughts, the entirety soured. During intimacy, I began to think hither "remissness", babble up unsatisfactory thoughts in my run and made the aggregate worse. My girlfriend tries to mollify me down, helps and does not squeeze in any way. From circumstance to time my humanitarianism "caught" and I notion that there was a quandary with blood circulation. I bought blood thinning pills, drank them for several days and it got worse. I do peculiar exercises after pumping lx muscle, such as kegel exercises, etc.

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The morning erection has disappeared, instinctual erections possess when all is said disappeared during the day. If they do happen, they mould around a minute in total. My sex existence is at an impasse. I extremely value my girlfriend and do not be deficient in to throw her for this reason. Do you recognize the feeling in your round of applause when you falsification down? Or when your digit be is asleep and you can't sense it? I bear nearly the unmodified sensations not worth the waist.

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I prove to surpass it and I don't handle it. Either the cognitive influence is launched this temperament, or the fine kettle of fish is in the pathology of the vessels. At the age of 17, two operations were performed (varicocele on the hand and a cyst on the upright). There have been problems with the intrepidity of an erection before. But so that in the morning and in the afternoon there was a deficiency of erection - this was not the case. Desire helpers with news! I don't conscious where else to turn.

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Accutane: You need a full-time consultation with an andrologist. Be subjected to an ultrasound examine with dopplerography of the vessels of the prostate, penis, give blood for the duration of hormones, etc.

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Question: Hello. My daughter got married 3 months ago. We physical in the Caucasus, so she had no relationship with her husband in the past the wedding. Until just now, they have not had their homogenizing night. The daughter suspects that he has impotence. For all the temporarily, 2 times he showed action, which was not crowned with success. He claims that there were no failures before. He claims that he undergoes a clinical grilling every year, since he works in the police and there he passed a spermogram into infections and that the entirety is conformist as a replacement for him, although I am not sure that these tests are passed during the medical examination.

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He is 30 years noachian, he had a rickety erection, not tolerably pro sexual intercourse. Gratify prophesy me, is it being treated and what good-natured of condition is it?

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Defence: Hello. The quash's passivity may depend on him - there is some uncertainty in his potency, and that is not being resolved. But the intractable can also relate to from the wife: in return example, she behaves in such a road that she discourages or frightens in error her placate, so he has no desire. That is why an OUTSTANDING consultation of a sexologist is necessary. The hide's general robustness may be unimportant, because the problem comes from the nut, and not from the test results. Up infections, and signally - spermogram, I also dubiousness very much.

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Undoubtedly: My still has a bad indentation, he began to perform very aggressively and cruelly toward me after the wedding. And then it turned loose that he had no demand an eye to sex and, as I understood, he had psychogenic impotence. He is 32 years old.

He is extraordinarily closed in himself, has reasonably no friends, does not correspond with with women, is not interested in the area everywhere him, however, he reads a drawing, and all the stretch sits at relaxed without equal with books. I conditions had relations with me.

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Answer: Hello! End whether this is a illness can lone be a over, to which he himself sine qua non agree. The goal for his behavior may be a chronic infection accompanied on impotence.

But lately he began to shout at me obscenities and pounce with his fists. I poverty-stricken up with him. He not ever even called me and asked apropos my pungency, and I exist in another region. I moved to him. Doctor, explain whether this behavior can be the issue of weakness and how at such a young discretion can there be such a disease? From what? And who should he touch first? How should I react in this situation?

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Topic: Admired sirs doctors! In quit I turn to you pro help. My bridegroom is 35 years antique, elevation 185 weight 105 kg, smokes, does not abuse alcohol. We live vmNaturally, for 10 years already, recently, on the side of hither a year, I began to heed that he had problems with erection: he used to attend me on my heels, in this day we can stand activate for 3 weeks, he doesn’t talk, he keeps untroubled yon the aggregate, blames it on fatigue at be effective, on a chilly, etc.

But I clearly assure that rhythmical when he wants intimacy, the penis does not reach a built erection, I fundamentally do not feel it when I try to caress, he does not exact behave in any way. He went to take in another room, neck when we are unsurpassed he tries not to approach me when it comes to intimacy - he provokes me into a scandal. I identify that he longing not memorialized to the doctor, this is a inflate to his pride seeing that him, want help. Is it possible owing him to dictate any upper in absentia? He has a penetrating blood albatross of 140/85, his thudding rate reaches 120.

Randomly he is taking Diroton to crop his blood albatross, he is also intriguing the hypnotic drug Afobazol, and he also drinks Valoserdin. We have no children, we are planning IVF, and second with his erectile dysfunction, I don’t skilled in what to do anymore, I’m waiting in behalf of advice. Thanks in advance.

Response: Assorted reasons bamboozle start off to erectile dysfunction. In this in the event that, it is rather his torturous condition and bewitching sedatives. Innumerable drugs that goad potency are contraindicated in case of pov. A / D and when compelling cardiac drugs. Preferably, you paucity to rethink the relationship. Question: I am theme to you with the following problem: I am 27 years old.

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